BP Settlement A Bust

After all this time working with people getting their documentation for the BP settlement it looks like a bust, as the 2.5% of all claims submitted have been processed and have received an offer. 2.5% that is a correct number as of today. The BP Settlement looks more and more a bust even worse than the GCCF. In August the doors got opened for BP settlement offers to come out and only 1,500 offers came, that is totally unacceptable for an organisation that are supposed to have plenty of money from BP to administrate an undertaken like this. At the pace of 1,500 offers a month it will take the BP settlement 38 month or almost 2 years to get though the claims they have in today and new claims are coming in at a rate of about 20,000 new claims per month. Another fact is that the BP settlement only have until November 2012 where final approval have to be given for the settlement to move forward.

At this point I would tell people to sign up with an attorney and be ready for trial with BP. The BP Settlement is a bust and if you are not ready with an attorney on the opt out date you are going to be stuck in this thing. We have some great attorneys connected to this website that has already helped over 16,000 people get filed and processed. You need to be with an attorney that has this kind of experience with BP that can go to BP with thousand of case and get them settled before a possible trial.

What Do You Need To Have For The BP Settlement ?

Keep all W2′s and 1099′s with you for the years 2007 – 2011 so you can document your losses. If you are a fisherman or shrimper keep you trip tickets and your landing slips. Keep all tax returns that you have from those years. Keep any other paperwork that might prove your case. If there is some paperwork you don’t have the attorneys can help you with that. If you have had damage to your property with oil take pictures of all wet lands, beaches and other contamination. If you can take samples of the oil please wear protective gloves as the Corexit will be bad for your skin.

If you are a seafood harvester document with video or diary the state of your industry it will be good to have later for trial. Document as much as possible the better documentation and prof you can provide the stronger your case would be.

For now everybody are processed and submitted to the BP settlement if they are a class member but be ready to opt out if your attorney advice you to do so. If the BP settlement really is a bust like I suspect then everybody need to opt out before November 1 2012. Before then and why you need to contact an attorney today they need your documents and case worked up so the attorneys can see what would be best for you from the documentation you have.

How Do You Get Your BP Settlement ?

Fill out a form on the right and get with an attorney today. The attorneys will take you legitimate BP claims on a contingency basis and the attorney will only get paid after you have been paid. The attorneys will ask for no money up front and will take 25% of the money they get you from BP. They will do all the processing and maximizing of you claim to make sure that you get as much as you are entitled to. They will also protect your legal rights against BP to make sure they don’t get over on you. If you have to opt out on November 1 2012 they will advice you of that. Please fill out a form and talk to an attorney today ——–>


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