BP Settlement Application

After the news has broken with the judge signing off on the preliminary approval of the BP settlement, the settlement will go forward as explained on these pages and its time for your to get your application into the BP settlement.

For the thousand of people that have already filled out a free case review on this page and talked to an attorney about their case, the next step would be to get their documentation into the attorney you spoke to and let him find all the different claims you can apply for. Most people have more than one claim they can get a BP settlement compensation for. Time is of the essence with getting your documentation into the attorneys as you claim will be submitted as soon as you have given them all your documents. The work up of your case once all the documents are presented by you will take a few days but getting the documents in are the most important step for you.

For People That Have Not File A BP Settlement Application Yet

Here is what you need to do. Fill out the free case review on the right hand side, that will put you in contact with a BP settlement attorney that will handle your case in the attorney negotiated BP settlement. After you fill out the form on the right hand side you will hear from an attorney in the next couple of hours. He/she will talk to you about what you do and what kind of claims you might have. Its really important to tell him about everything that you work with and where you live. As the BP settlement is divided up into zones the closer your work place is to the water the better you are off.

After talking to the attorney he will send you by email a attorney contact and this will start you relationship with the attorney. All the attorneys that we are sending BP settlement claims to work on a contingency basic. So you will not pay anything before the attorney gets you money. If the attorney cannot get you money its free for you. I 99% of the cases the attorney will not take the case unless he thinks it will be paid by the BP settlement so let him guide you on the BP settlement and your legal rights with the BP settlement.

Share The Love With Your Friends And Family

Our goal is to get as many people on the Gulf Coast paid by BP for what they did to our waters and our lives. That is why we need your help to share the love and information about money being available in the BP Settlement. We would like for your to share this Facebook page with your friends. Just press like on it and your friends will be able to see it as well. http://www.facebook.com/bpsettlements

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This way we give your friends and family a chance to find out what you have already learned on how to get paid by BP in the Settlement.

We appreciate your help in sharing this Facebook page to all your friends.

BP Settlement Meeting In Panama City Tuesday 8 2012 at 18.00

If you are reading the post and your location is somewhere close to Panama City Beach I will be there tomorrow Tuesday 8 of May 2012 for a 6.00 PM meeting out at Boatyard restaurant. There is more information about the meeting here. BP Settlement meeting info

Its going to be an informal meeting where I will take questions about the BP settlement and what kind of claims you might be able to claim for. If you are in the area stop by and let me see if I can help you with your questions.

When Does The BP Settlement Start To Pay Out And Deadlines

The attorneys has 30 days from the preliminary approval from the judge before their establishment has to be setup, so that would put us around June 3-4 2012 before the BP settlement should pay out according to the new settlement agreement. The BP Settlement should last until November 2012 when the final approval for the BP settlement has to happen. Nobody that I talk to expects the BP settlement to last any longer than that as nobody expects the settlement to survive the Final approval. Its a lawyer thing where people put up appeals and stuff. So we have a window between June and November where we will try and get as many people paid as possible.

What If My Claim Is Not Accepted By The BP Settlement

First off there are many groups that are not included in the BP settlement, the largest group that nobody really talks about are all the business or individuals in Florida that are not in the counties included in the BP settlement. I think that is a huge group of business and individuals that are being past by. The other big group are the moratorium claims that are not included in the BP settlement. There is lots of industry connected to the Deep water drilling and lots of losses there. All the groups not included in the BP settlement should still fill out a form and just get their case to an attorney that would then submit the claim directly to BP or its agent. This would give them 90 days to pay the claim or the attorney can file suit on it. These claims will get paid if you can prove the loss and the connection to the BP oil spill, it will just take a little longer to get them paid.

BP VOO Claims