BP Settlement For Medical

Medical BP Settlement

We are very happy about the attorneys getting the medical claims into the BP settlement as there have been a lot of people trying to get compensation for their injury and nobody would take these cases before. Not the GCCF only some attorneys would help out, but now that its in the settlement things will change for the people that where impacted by the 2010 BP oil spill.

Many residents that where living near the ocean where  Corexit and other toxic products where used to fight the crude oil got sick from this exposure. The 35,000 people that was send out to fight the oil on beaches and boats got sick from their exposure. This medical BP settlement should give people some compensation for their hardship.

A Little Bit About The Medical BP Settlement

If we take all the residents near where the oil was and all the people that came in from other states to help clean the oil up, you are talking lots of people with possible exposure to crude oil or Corexit. Many people have been sick for weeks and month because of their exposure. There is a real risk with exposure to Corexit that many people have complained about.¬† There are many areas that are really hard hit by the exposure, one of the worst being Grand Isle Louisiana where there is a lot of sick people from the BP oil spill. I just hope this BP settlement is big enough to pay some of these people medical bills and salaries as sick people can’t work.

Now this BP settlement exclude serious injuries so don’t forget if you have been in the hospital for the last months because of exposure or something else really bad you still would get an attorney and have them sue BP for the injury the exposure cause you. If you have had an incident and smaller injury you look for the BP medical settlement.

Who Can Use The Medical BP Settlement Process

The way the BP Settlement are looking at the medical case is again with dividing the area closest to the water up in zones and this affect how you file your claim and what kind of documentation you would need to prove your medical claims

Zone A: Residents living 1/2 a mile from the ocean or 1 mile from wet land that got hit by oil

Zone B: Clean up workers on the beach or in boats on the VOO program

If you are not part of any of those 2 groups and are having medical problems that can be directly related to the BP oil spill I suggest getting an attorney to take your case.

The people in the two groups listed above that have been exposed to Corexit or crude oil could possibly see symptoms of the following.

  • Chronic injury( symptoms lasting more than 6 month)
  • Eye problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Effects on your skin
  • Gastronomical complication (stomach problems )

If you have any of these symptoms we would like for you to keep reading to see what you need to prove your medical case.

BP Settlement Medical Document Requirements

Here is how you establish your medical BP settlement claim with the attorneys. If you are part of Zone A residents 1/2 mile from the ocean or 1 mile from wet land with oil , or Zone B clean up worker this is for you.

Residents Zone A or Clean Up Workers Medical BP Settlement

  • File a statement of where and when the exposure took place, for Zone A residents needs a witness statement or photo (A1 payout)
  • File a statement of where and when the exposure took place with medical records (A2 Payout)

Clean Up Workers Only Medical BP Settlement

  • File a statement of where and when, visit to the BP medical center when it happened and in BP’s database that you did report it back when it happened (A3 payout)
  • File a statement of where and when you had heat stroke while working clean up. That you reported the heat stroke and visited BP medical center when it happened (A4 payout)

This could change in the final version of the BP settlement agreement but that is what it looks like right now as I am being told from multiple attorneys.

Medical BP Settlement Payouts

So as you noticed on the documents required above there was a payout schedule to each document requirement and again the BP settlement is not final yet so the numbers could change.

Medical BP settlement Payment Program

  • A1 : $1,250
  • A2: $7,500
  • A3: $11,500
  • A4: $2,500

The medical BP Settlement payout is what around 100,000 people can get if they sign up with an attorney and get their case though the BP settlement process. The attorney will take a fee for handling your case but there should still be a good part left over for you. If you don’t have an attorney fill out the form on the right hand side of this website

What To Do Next With Your Medical BP settlement Claim

First off get all your documents together so you can prove your medical claim in the way described above. After that make sure that you have given everything that you have proving your claim to your attorney that will represent you in the BP settlement and then wait for the BP settlement to be approved. When its approved and started up your attorney will submit your case to the BP settlement fund and get your compensation from them.

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