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BP settlement

If you have a claim that was previous in the GCCF and was never paid, denied or if you have yet to file a claim on your losses from the BP oil spill its time to sign up now for the BP settlement. The sign up process is on the right hand side where you contact an attorney to handle your case for you.

There are so many new ways to file a claim in the BP settlement that there should be many new claims coming in. The water front properties, oil on your land, medical, Voo boats, any loss for beach business, sale of a house or land may 2010-Dec 2011. You can find all the different categories above to see if one fits you situation.

Many denied claims in the GCCF will have a new shot at getting compensation in the BP settlement as causation in most cases are given so you only have to prove your loss.

You Don’t Pay The Attorney Before You Get Paid

The great think about this BP settlement is that your attorney does not get paid a dime before you get paid. So its free to sign up and get your case processes, first when you get money do the attorneys get money. They will do all the work of getting your case ready for settlement and have accountants look at your case to maximize your payout.

If you have a case that is not included in the BP settlement the attorneys will file the claim directly with BP and then litigate the case at trial. Cases that does not fit the BP settlement would be Moratorium cases, severed personal injury cases, large and complicated business claims. The BP settlement still tries to put peoples claims in boxes so there will still be some cases that do not fit in those boxes.

Most cases will fit however in the boxes where individual wage earners are being helped and tourist and seafood business are being helped.

Geographical Location For The BP Settlement

Remember that the GCCF paid claims from some 52 countries, even though this BP settlement puts its main focus on the 5 states effected by the BP oil spill, many good claims are coming in from house, condo and land owners that lives in other states or countries. Most people have had loss of rentals in 2010 but some also had to sell after the BP oil spill and their now have claims for loss of sale value. Most claims that will fit in the BP settlement are from all of Florida both East and West coast of Florida, Alabama coast, Mississippi Coast, Louisiana coast and New Orleans, Texas coast line to Houston Texas.

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A seafood restaurant in Houston would have had guaranteed losses from the BP oil spill because of the stigma the gulf seafood got after the oil spill and to some extent still have today.

Get With An Attorney On Your BP Settlement Claim

The BP settlement process is already taken applications as the attorneys have been preparing claims for the BP settlement ever since the date is was announced. If you want to get your paperwork into the BP Settlement the deadline is as soon as possible to be part of the settlement from the state. After you sign up with the attorneys you have to get your documentation in as soon as possible there after to get worked up and prepared to the BP settlement

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