BP Settlement For Water Front Claims

Water Front BP Settlement

Water Front BP Settlement Compensation

In the proposed BP Settlement there are a provision in there for people with water front properties. This could be a house you live in or a fishing camp on an inlet that had oil come in on the wet-land. The most important thing for you to file this claim would be for you to use the place year round, and that you are the owner of the place or have a long term lease on the place. This obvious is a very large amount of people that can file this claim as water front properties that had oil on them in 2010 was substantial. The area covered will come out in maps when the final BP settlement is released but for now think of an area from New Orleans to Panama City Beach.

Loss Of Use And Enjoyment Of  Your Property BP Settlement

The proposed BP settlement for loss of use and enjoyment of your property should be good for over 100,000 new claims into the BP settlement fund. As people on the coast will remember the summer of 2010 was a total bust as we could not use the ocean for swimming or fishing. We could not go on the beaches as the clean up people where all around picking up oil on the beach. We took the family that summer and left the beach just because of  the BP oil spill.

I am glad they have put a BP claim like this in the settlement as many residents that where effected by the BP oil spill can get some compensation for the summer of 2010. This claim can be combined with any other claim you have against BP in the BP settlement .

Who Can File For Use And Enjoyment In BP Settlement

If you own a house or land on the water from New Orleans to Panama City Beach you can probably file for this claim, the final maps that are going to be released with the BP settlement will show what inland water ways are included in this as its not just ocean front properties that can file this claim. If you had a long term lease in place for a water front property in the affected area you can also file this claim against BP in the settlement. I would say that a long term lease on a house would be no less than 6 month worth of lease but it could be less if they try an accommodate snow birds coming down. We have to wait for the Final BP Settlement paperwork to come out before we can see all the details of the BP settlement.

Document Requirement For Used and Enjoyment claims

Really all you have to prove on this claim is the deed to the house or land if you own the property. If you leased the property you would need to provide the lease contract to file the claim with your attorney. Now this is important, you you had your house for short term rent or lease you cannot file this claim as you claim would be for lost rental income or lease income.

Use And Enjoyment BP Settlement Payouts

I don’t know what that would be yet but if I should guess it will be a flat payout like $5,000 or $10,000 per claim. It will probably not be that the guy with the 1 million dollar house lost more use and enjoyment than the guy with the $300,000 house. So I think its going to be a flat rate for this claim. Does a resident maybe get more than a person that owns land ? I could imagine so but again don’t know yet.

 What To Do Next With Your Use And Enjoyment BP Settlement Claims

First you have to find yourself an attorney to take your BP claims to the BP settlement and put together you settlement package with all your supporting documents. If you don’t have an attorney you can fill out the form on the right hand side and that will get you in contact with some great oil spill attorneys recommend by me.


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