VOO Claims Might Have Medical Claims As Well

Many of the people operating VOO boats as captains or deckhands might have been exposed to the Corexit or Benzen while working the oil spill with out proper respiratory gear. It something you should remember if you where on any of the VOO boats cleaning up the oil. Many people might have multiple claims in the BP settlement and you have to remember to file for all of them with your attorney. The other thing to remember for the people that where in the VOO fleet is for their families that might be sick from exposure.

Deck Hands On VOO boats Possible Exposure

The deck hands on the VOO boats might have the biggest risk of exposure from the work they did, remember in the medical settlement you should report any incident of exposure and have witness give you a statement of account when the exposure took place.

As a new article in the huffington post explains in detail the mistakes that was made when VOO clean up crew was not given respiratory masks to combat the oil, now people are suffering from respiratory illnesses and skin rashes.

Check All Your Possible Claims With Your Lawyer Before Opt. In For BP Settlement

Its very important that you give your attorney all the information to base your claim on before opt. in for the BP settlement, because once you do there is no opt. out.

This is a standard Class Settlement where once Opt. in there is no Opt. out, there will be an appeal if you are not happy with your offer that the court with 1 or 3 judges will have for your case, but you give away your rights to sue BP once you Opt. in for the BP settlement