Florida BP Settlement

Florida BP Settlement

Most people agree that Florida was the ground zero for economical damage from the 2010 BP oil spill, the whole tourist industry was ruined for a year and all the local residents had to fight hard to survive the economic hardship that followed the job losses and business closings caused by the BP oil spill.

The water front residents got the use and enjoyment of the beaches and the ocean taken away from them as the oil spill was clean up from Pensacola to Panama City Beach. But the economical damages did not stop there. Oystermen in Apalachicola had great losses as their oyster leases got sprayed with Corexit and covered by crude oil. The tourist base in places like Tampa, Clearwater, Ft. Meyers and The Keys where hard hit by the oil spill of 2010.

Most of the damage from Tampa to the Keys where done by the media predicting the oils travel in the gulf stream to Key West. The hurt the media did to the tourist season in Key West because of their reporting was much worst that the oil spill. The media is hard to make accountable for their damages but the damages where substantial all along the west coat of Florida.

Economical Damage In The BP Settlement For Florida

Most industries in Florida are primary affected by the tourist coming to the state every year. These industries will be well compensated by the BP settlement giving individuals and business near or on the water 3.5 times their 2010 losses. That is almost double the amount the GCCF was paying people and with much less documentation needed and with no need to prove the oil spill caused the damage.

For individual servers in Florida it would mean a $20,000 loss in 2010 would mean an offer from the BP settlement of $70,000 when your attorney submits it to the settlement fund. This same loss in GCCF would have paid out $36,000 if you where lucky enough to actually get paid.

Florida BP Settlement Was Should Your Do Now

If you have an unpaid economic loss claim from the BP oil spill as an individual or business you need to contact an attorney that can put your settlement package together and submit it to the BP settlement fund once they start their operation up. The work up process with getting the documents to the attorneys and have them work up your claim could take 4-6 weeks so time is of the essence for you to get your paperwork in order with your attorney. If you don’t have an attorney to handle your case fill out the form on your right and get started now.

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