New Employees BP Settlement

For people that where new employees in the industry there are a special set of rules that applies to your guys. First let me tell you what the BP settlement document consider new employees. If you have less than 12 month worth of earnings history in the same type of job. There are much more information that you have to take into consideration but read the 15 pages to get an idea if you do not have 12 month of earnings history. To the people I promised this earlier I have been very busy and I am sorry about the delay.

new employee BP settlement

New Employee BP settlement

New Employment without  prior years earnings

If you cannot provide prior year earnings from the same or similar job you will end up in category 3 which they call new employees. So in this group of people the year 2011 will be use as the benchmark year to compare earnings to.If you got  let go because of the oil spill this will not help you and you end up in group 4. If you can use this as a benchmark year then you can prove you losses this way.

The next thing you need to prove is causation, and if you are working in Zone A you don’t have to prove it. If your employer got money from the GCCF or the BP settlement you don’t have to prove it. Also the seafood industry don’t have to prove causation.

The rest have to prove causation and there is many different ways to do so, please read the document to see the many different ways.