Louisiana BP Settlement

Louisiana BP settlement

Louisiana state residents will be happy to learn that the BP settlement will benefit especially the hard hit seafood processing industry and seafood harvest industry will finally get compensation for their losses in 2010.

The BP oil spill was particularly hard on Louisiana and now with the new BP settlement, everybody hopes the end is near where compensation will finally come to local residents that have waited over 2 years for a resolution to the losses suffered from the BP oil Spill

Claims That Fits Under The BP Settlement In Louisiana

All individual and business claims near or on the water, excluding Moratorium claims, should have a great shot at the BP settlement. It sound like claims related to seafood and tourist industries does not have to prove that the oil spill caused their losses. Now they just have to prove their losses. This makes it much easier than with the GCCF to get paid though the BP settlement process.

Louisiana oyster leases and shrimpers should have a special BP settlement pot they can access and get maybe more than the 3.5 times the tourist industry should be getting. Oyster leases have been ruined for years to come and the 4 times 2010 losses paid by the GCCF might get even better when we know the full extent of the BP settlement

Servers, restaurants, construction, hotels all are getting paid under the BP settlement in Louisiana, now find a good attorney to get your case ready for the BP settlement. If you need an attorney fill out the form on the right.

Claims Not Included In the BP settlement

Major medical claims or personal injury claims caused by the BP oil spill are not included in the BP settlement. This just means that you have to get with an attorney and let them take these cases directly to BP and then to court if BP does not want to pay.

Another group that is base out of Louisiana for the most part are the Moratorium claims that are people that lost money because of the shut down of the deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully the attorneys understand that shallow water drillers had losses to and where not part of moratorium claims. The distinction we hope will be spelled out in the BP settlement when it gets releases if not a whole industry that are where not hit by the moratorium will be let out in the cold. We can just hope the final version of the BP settlement will make this distinction.

Moratorium claims will not be paid by the BP settlement so if you have individual losses or business losses because of the moratorium contact an attorney that will litigate your case as the OPA is very specific when it states that anybody with economic losses should be paid by the guilty party (BP) so attorneys will take moratorium claims up to the courts and get paid for their clients on these as well.

Louisiana BP settlement What Is Next

Make sure that you have an attorney and that you have provided your attorney with all the paperwork to prove your cases. Once you have done that he can submit the claims to the BP settlement fund when it gets up and running hopefully around May 1 2012. If you don’t have an attorney to represent your case fill out the form to your right.