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About Me.

If you want to know a little bit about me let me tell you who I am and why I have been doing this for the last 2 years.

Fist off I live in Navarre Beach Florida a little breaker island between Pensacola and Destin Florida. I have a beautiful wife and 4 beautiful kids. I am a business owner and when the oil spill happened I had oil on the public beach in Navarre that we use with the family to enjoy life. Well it really pissed me off and since then I have been writing the blog and have been trying to help people get paid by BP. Well there has been enough to write about because the GCCF screw up so bad with peoples claims. It was almost like they got money for not paying people.

Well while writing all this I have made lots of friends in the Attorneys community and in the fishing community and I get about 25-40 phone calls a days from both these groups. It because very clear from the start that everybody was going to have an attorney to help them though this circus and get paid. I will say this we have gotten a lot of people paid with the help of the attorneys and they have done a great job for their clients.

Now March 2 2012 the attorneys and BP agreed to a settlement that from the sounds of it will get even more people paid. The BP settlement from the looks of it sounds very good with almost the double payout compared to what the GCCF would pay on the same claim.

This time its supervised by the courts and the attorneys actually makes money every time they pay money to somebody so that should help getting the money paid out.

If you still have questions you can try my told free 800 number at 1-888-770-4343

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