BP Settlement For VOO Claims

For the BP settlement the Vessel Of Opportunity (VOO) Claims have been included and it looks like the numbers are not all bad for the people that got money owed to them from the VOO program. Don’t forget the damage to your boat or if they did not decontaminate you boat remember to get that in your attorney file. See below for boat decontamination.

Here is the latest payouts in the BP settlement for Working and Non working VOO boats. More than 1 day on the water.

Boat SizeAmount of Compensation
Boat SizeAmount of Compensation
Less than 30 feet$41,600
30 feet-45 feet$49,400
46 feet-65 feet$62,400
Greater than 65 feet$88,400

Working VoO boat in the Seafood settlement don’t have to off set their VoO pay against any other payment they get from the BP settlement.

All other people that was in the VoO program have to offset this VoO payment against their other loss of income, loss of business claims.

Non working VoO boats not any days on the water but sign Master Agreement.

Boat SizeAmount of Compensation
Boat SizeAmount of Compensation
Less than 30 feet$4,800
30 feet-45 feet$5,700
46 feet-65 feet$7,200
Greater than 65 feet$10,200

Non working VoO boat don’t have to offset their VoO pay in any otherĀ  claim they have in the BP Settlement.


VOO Program and claims out there

Lots of people reported VOO claims of non pay according to contract and that their boats did not get decontaminated when BP did not need them anymore. Also BP did not decommission many of the boats that where waiting for their call to action. The VOO contract stated that the boat could not be used for anything else and that the captain should wait for the call to mobilize their boat.

Now that is all good, but most boats did not get pay for the time they where in port and waited for the call or for the time before they where decommissioned.

VOO Program Documents required

Well that should be an easy one all your have to present is your VOO contract and probably your boat license to get in with an attorney and get ready for the BP settlement to get started. If you have other claims than just dock side pay that I will get to below, I would bring it up to my attorney and let them know that you have other things going on in your VOO claim.

VOO Payout From The BP Settlement

So the propose BP settlement for the VOO no dock side pay is 26 days times your daily rate according to your contract. If you had crew on the boat that should be in the contract also. If you where the crew on a VOO boat this BP settlement should include deck hands as well. Normally a captain has already paid his deckhands before the settlement so they did not loss any pay only the captain did.

Now there is also the question of boats that where not decontaminated from being worked in the VOO fleet, I don’t know what will happen with these claims. I would say if you paid yourself to get your boat decontaminated you should be reimburse by the BP settlement. Remember to give your attorney all the information on this when you tell him about your claim.

VOO Boat Not Decontaminated

If your Voo boat was not decontaminated by BP you need to have a quote made up from you local ship yard on what boat decontamination should cost, even better get quotes from 2 ship yards and then submit the cost of decontamination together with your Voo claim. Decontamination of a boat is not cheap and you would want all these cost to be in the attorney file when you submit the final presentation of your Voo claim. Any other damages to you boat needs to be in there also. For your Voo Physical damage report form fill out this from here and send it in to your attorney.

Vessel Physical Damage Claim Form

VOO Captains Get With An Attorney Now

If you had a VOO boat in the fleet you should get in on the BP settlement with an attorney. You need to fill out the form on the right hand side and get sign up with an attorney so you can be part of the settlement when it starts up around May 16 2012. Your attorney needs to get your paperwork in and he needs to create a settlement package for your claim so it can go though the BP settlement process. Sign up now an be ready when the BP settlement for VOO capt. are approved by the courts.